Under Tile Heating

Our electric under tile heating system is a very popular, safe and effective heating solution for your home or development. When combined with our insulation underlay it becomes a very cost effective way to heat your home.  The Under tile heating element is laid directly under the tiles and covered with a fibreglass mesh and self-levelling screed leaving a flat surface to start tiling on. 

Heat and Proof Ltd will supply and install all from the under tile heating element to the final fit off of the thermostat after the tiles are laid. We provide an even heat spread throughout the tiles with no cold spots installing 150 watts per m² creating a quick under tile heating reaction time. The only part of the under tile heating you will see is the automatic thermostat (and even that can be hidden away).

Heat and Proof Ltd has 18 different under tile heating cables available ranging from 150 watts to 3000 watts to tailor to any room size. Our under tile heating cable comes as a coiled wire that has the flexibility to be laid around the toilet bowl and anywhere you put your feet. This has makes it more flexible when compared to other under tile heating systems.  The under tile heating cable is multi-stranded which provides more strength, durability and flexibility.

We are also able to connect cable monitors to your under tile heating to notify you of any damage to your under tile heating cables  prior to your tile installation. Fortunately they can be fixed if the damage is only minor.  But we prefer that the tiles are laid shortly after the under tile heating installation to limit any chance of damage to the cables.


Under Carpet Heating

Under carpet heating is an efficient solution for heating the whole room. It is great for asthma and allergy sufferers reducing mildew and condensation. Under carpet heating creates an unobtrusive gentle heat without stuffiness. Quick and easy to install in your new or existing home.  As with our Under tile heating system, combining under carpet heating with our insulation underlay creates an energy efficient product saving you long term on your running costs.

Our under carpet heating system is installed at a design wattage of between 100-120 watts per m² and laid directly onto the existing floor surface.  We cover the under carpet heating element with a fibreglass mesh and self-levelling screed leaving a flat surface for your underlay and carpet to be applied directly onto.  The heating element is connected to your mains power and has a Automatic thermostat fitted to your wall.  The same as your under tile heating system.

This type of under carpet heating allows you the flexibility to lay furniture anywhere on the carpet. We prefer this to other forms of under carpet heating as it is suitable for direct stick carpets, high traffic and heavy furniture areas.  In this case you don’t have to worry about table legs, lounge suites feet and other furniture damaging your under carpet heating.

Heat and Proof Ltd has a 10 year guarantee on our under carpet heating system*(conditions apply, excluding thermostats).


For more information about under floor heating please contact us.


InConcrete Heating System

Heat and Proof Ltd  Inconcrete heating is great for new homes, extensions or existing concrete slab overlays. It is a radiant form of electric under floor heating that is continuously run during the cooler months to keep the concrete slab warm creating a warm and cosy environment. If you are heating less than 100m2 you may find that electric Inconcrete heating is a very viable option.

Heat and Proof uses a heavy duty electrical cable which is simply tied to the reinforcing mesh on top of the polystyrene insulation before the concrete slab is poured. We recommend installation wattage of between 140 – 160 watts per m² to ensure satisfactory heating times.


We use programmable automatic thermostats.  The thermostats use a floor sensing probe being the most efficient way to control your under floor heating.  Giving you the luxury of set and forget control and the ability to turn it on and off as desired.

Heat and Proof can include the cost of fitting the thermostat(s) in your under floor heating quote or if you prefer you can have your electrician install the thermostat(s). 

We provide a one year warranty on our thermostats.

For more information on our thermostats and how to program them please contact us via the contact us page.   We have a PDF that can be sent out that will help you to program your thermostat.

If you have the Siemens RDE 20.1 thermostat you can click on the link below for a web tutorial. 


If you have the Touch screen thermostat please click this link.


If you have the RDE 100.1 Siemens Thermostat please click this link.



Energy Saving Products

Heat and Proof insulation underlay  are your energy saving products, limiting power consumption and benefiting your running costs.  Effectively and easily installed on your existing concrete or wooden floor before Heat and Proof under floor heating is installed.  This creates faster heating reactions times and less heat loss into your floor substrate below. 


Insulation Underlay

Insulation underlay is made of a high density closed cell polystyrene that has been tested and shown to reduce under floor heating running costs when compared to floors with no insulation.

Insulation underlay comes in the form of a 3mm or 5mm mat that can be applied over concrete, plywood and suitable particle board floors. 

 Why we recommend Insulation underlay: 

  • Gives you savings of up to 50% off your underfloor heating running costs.
  • Reduce the wattage required to heat up your floor.  Polystyrene has a much higher insulation value (R-Value) than concrete, tile and slate underlay and wooden floors.  To successfully heat a concrete floor you may need to be heating at 180 watts per square meter.  But with insulation underlay 150 watts per square meter is more than enough. 
  • Why heat up a 100mm concrete slab when you can use insulation underlay to significantly reduce heat loss into your concrete slab.
  • Your tiles or carpet will come up to temperature faster with insulation underlay. This is especially noticeable on a cold day when your floor substrate can get very cold. 
  • Ease of instalment.  Can be installed into most new or existing homes in less than one day.
    • Installed over concrete, plywood, and particle board floors provided they are structurally sound.
    • Replaces the added cost of tile and slate underlay provided the floor is structurally sound.
    • Is available in 3mm to 5 mm thicknesses.
    • Good compressive strength especially when combined with a self levelling screed over the top.
    • Insulation underlay will not rot, shrink or absorb water making it ideal for bathrooms.
    • The mat has SoundGuard technology therefore offers high and credible impact noise reduction.  

Please note that if you are installing insulation underlay on existing floors they need to be ground back to there original state.  All urethanes, sealants, paints, adhesives, varnishes must be removed prior to installation to ensure a good bonding of the Underlay to the floor substrate.  For further information on this please contact our sales staff.

Whether you are looking for  Insulation underlay or sound insulation we have the products for you!